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About WiEN

The WiEN is a movement and an inclusive, diverse community in Malaysia, that supports all, with a focus on Artisan, Cottage Industry & SME Micro-Entrepreneurs.

WiEN’s Vision is to be the exemplary CommUnity that celebrates & respects Humanity.

Our Mission

We do this by being a CommUnity that respects, trusts and is inspired by each other. We are thus empowered and take absolute delight in CommUnity Success. Our collective rice bowl thrives as a result, and we continue to seek greater heights, collectively.



Welcome to WiEN, where Everyone can Win.

In mid January 2018, it was an epiphany of sorts, as an idea to create a platform that was created to be WIN-WIN for all. In the corporate world, we love acronyms for Initiatives, hence the word WiEN was made to sound like Win, but really centred on Women, Innovation + Empowerment within a Community Network (men are of course welcomed too, because diversity and as support mechanisms makes all things happen).

We always like to help here and there in causes but also found that too sporadic to make a lasting difference, but more importantly, saw a lack of community.

So, that got me thinking, rather than do nothing – WiEN was the simplest solution, forever kind and equal for all. Simple, fuss-free and self-regulated.

For each cottage industry and artisan entrepreneur, the path you choose is daunting with highs and lows ahead, it makes and breaks the hardiest of us all, so why the extra pressure from Alternative Sales Channels like FB Groups? Also, one needs encouragement and support to persevere a passion, always, and what better way than from a community that helps each other, WIN-WIN forward.

Also, I found that if you help others unintentionally and self-lessly, Abundance follows.
That was the greatest gift of all, so when I am showered with compliments, I respond with, it is what WiEN has done for me and us, that I am truly humbled by the power of a Community. What is the ethos of our Group then? Simply said:

  • To be fundamentally kind & respectful to each other
  • To be self-regulated with content & have selling posts with prices
  • There are other related guidelines, but you will be reminded of this when posts are not approved.
  • The simple thing to do is edit and repost.

Rest assured, this will always be a safe & homogenous space where the Administrators and Moderators serves YOU, the Community. We as Admin & Moderator, pay for our way for everything, and expect nothing in return. Bazaars, pop ups and related platforms as a by-product are self-funding, as we always look for the lowest cost possible venues and options to market Your brand.