Winner’s Innovative Entrepreneurial Network

WiEN's Vision is to be the exemplary Community that celebrates & respects Humanity.

The WiEN is a movement and an inclusive, diverse community in Malaysia, that supports all, with a focus on Artisan, Cottage Industry & SME Micro-Entrepreneurs.

WiEN encourages


Innovation, entrepreneurship & ultimately empowerment in all endeavours.

We do this by being a CommUnity that respects, trusts and is inspired by each other. We are thus empowered and take absolute delight in CommUnity Success. Our collective rice bowl thrives as a result, and we continue to seek greater heights, collectively.


Kindness and being respectful to each other.


Buying, selling, sharing, connecting, and empowering with purpose.​


Being supportive and celebrates all ventures & initiatives.

Your WiEN is ultimately Our CommUnity WiEN

Views and inspirations are specially curated & circulated to members to inspire & provide information/knowledge etc. We do appreciate it, since as mature self-regulated members, we can have a platform free of religious views, politics, sexism, racism, secularism etc. Non-controversial discussions & postings please.

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